Monday, April 06, 2020

Client Testimonials

"I take great pleasure in recommending Rick as a piano technician! Rick has tuned our pianos for years...and actually found and negotiated purchase of the beautiful baby grand that is now my pride and joy! He is a master of his craft!”

-Lorraine M.

"We've had Rick tune our pianos at Newborn United Methodist Church for a couple of years now and his work has always been top-notch -- he's got an excellent ear, and he's also a very knowledgeable piano technician. He's really developed quite a reputation in our area for his overall knowledge of pianos. We also have Rick tune our pianos at home. Again, he's always very professional and excellent in what he does. I also served for a while with as pianist for an 80-voice choir Rick led. He's an excellent choir director.”

-David L.

"Rick is excellent as a piano technician. I am very pleased with the results when he tunes and repairs my piano. His knowledge of the subject and his profession is superb.”

-Cathee F.

"Rick is very knowledgeable and did an excellent job tuning our nearly 100 year old piano. He revealed information to us that we didn't know--like how to determine the age of the piano and the fact that ours was once painted blue! He was very personable and allowed us to watch (and listen to) the process--we will definitely hire him again.”

-Lisa K.

"As a piano teacher, I have to get my piano tuned very frequently. Many technicians have worked on my piano through the years, but Mr. Bazemore is the best. I highly recommend him!”

-Cheryl C.

"I'm pleased to recognize Rick Bazemore as a piano tuner. From the first time we met I was impressed with his friendly, calm and professional demeanor. He is conscientious in his craft and when he leaves I know our piano is as tuned as is humanly possible! I also was very happy with his services in finding a suitable professional upright in the price range and features we wanted. I was overjoyed with the excellent selection he found in a 1989 Kawai Black upright. My musician daughter has enjoyed playing it as well as piano enthusiasts that visit as guests. For a provider of integrity and excellence don't hesitate to choose Rick Bazemore.”

-Sharon L.

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